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About Newgent
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About Newgent
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Christian Hölljes formed Newgent in September 2000. Currently Newgent is in a hiring mode as it expands its operations in Marin County.  6502 Assembly programmers, digital artists and MIDI composers are currently being sought.
Chrisitian Hölljes, President & CEO
H. Christian Hölljes has over 18 years developing and promoting software and multimedia products for computer platforms as well as consumer products.  Mr. Hölljes attended Duke University on a wrestling scholarship.  He graduated with a degree in Zoology, Mechanical Engineering and Fine Arts.  Mr. Holljes received his Masters’ degree in industrial design from North Carolina State University.  Mr. Hölljes has started two companies prior to Newgent and has created and placed over 30 products with companies in the U.S. which have generated millions of dollars at retail.  The “Talking Nano” alone generated over $35MM at retail for Playmates.  As Apple Computer’s National Media Specialist, Mr. Hölljes was on the original QuickTime team and worked with others at Apple to pioneer many new media technologies shaping the world today.

Mr. Hölljes has managed large teams of highly creative designers, marketing personnel and engineers.  In 1994 when Mr. Holljes left Apple Computer, he co founded Cadmus Interactive in Atlanta, Georgia.  Cadmus Interactive developed interactive CD-ROM and Intranet based programs and content.  Clients included Coke, Holiday Inn, IBM, NationsBank and WorldTravel Partners Inc.

In 1996 Mr. Holljes was recruited away from Cadmus Interactive and moved to California to head up product development for Machina Inc. in San Francisco, California.  Mr. Hölljes has been designing and placing digital entertainment and consumer products ever since.

Mr. Holljes primary responsibilities at Newgent will be formulating long range strategy, participating in product development, managing the anticipated growth of the company and interfacing with investors, customers and suppliers.  Mr. Holljes is the majority share holder owner of Newgent Inc.

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Scott Shumway, Programming Manager
Scott has been programming for over twenty years. He worked at Broderbund Software and became a founding member of Presage, a software development company. He has worked on titles such as Prince of Persia (Mac) for Broderbund, Lemmings! (Mac) for Psygnosis, the Rockett series for Purple Moon, Arthur Learning Buddies series for the Learning Company and Lode Runner 2 for GT Interactive.
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